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Whether you are a rising pro fighter or just looking for a great workout, Undisputed has a program for you! We offer a group class environment in which to train and workout; one that is able to match any goal or training method. Once you become a member of the gym you are free to train at any time that we are open.

Please visit our class schedule section to see more information about each class as well as the instructors that teach them.

There are several types of enrollment plans, so feel free to inquire about which will be best for you!

We offer classes suitable for Children and Youth, such as Taekwondo/Karate and Boxing.



    We offer a broad selection of classes designed to improve your strength, conditioning and fighting technique. Our instructors are all highly experienced and dedicated to your health and well-being. Classes begin at 5:00am and run throughout the day. Check out our class schedule for for a complete listing including class descriptions and instructor profiles. Youth classes available too!


    We believe in a comprehensive approach to health, fitness and the fighting arts. As a compliment to the modern fighting arts offered, we have a program in the traditional martial art of Taekwondo/Karate.

    Our TKD is taught by an Undisputed Leader in their style, Golden State Martial Arts, and we are proud to have them as part of the UBG family. Youth classes available too!


    Undisputed Gym is premiering a new program - Cycle Beats! This one of a kind program combines motivating and edgy music with a challenging cycling work out... Sounds like every other cycling class, right? Wrong. UBG has added the visual component of music video projection- so you can listen to your favorite beats while watching the music video, all while getting a kick a$$ workout!



Undisputed has a team of fighters that compete in various disciplines. Membership on the team is not for everyone and is at the discretion of Undisputed trainers and coaches. Our fighters are hand selected as the demands of regular training and actual combat are rigorous and demanding. We are proud of our team, and our fighters benefit from the support of the entire gym. 

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Chiropractic and Active Release Techniques

Undisputed is pleased to welcome Dr. Cameron Fort, D.C. to our Undisputed Community. He is a soft tissue and sports injury specialist. Dr. Fort's office is at the front of the facility next to the reception desk. Please call 650-486-1857 to schedule an appointment.

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