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Chiropractic and Active Release Techniques

Undisputed is pleased to welcome Dr. Cameron Fort, D.C. to our Undisputed Community. He is a soft tissue and sports injury specialist. Dr. Fort's office is at the front of the facility next to the reception desk. Please call 650-486-1857 to schedule an appointment.



Fascial Distortion Model (FDM)
FDM is an exciting new technique previously unavailable to chiropractors until this year. Dr. Fort is the only certified FDM provider in Northern California and has become the lead Instructor for this technique in the SF Bay Area. FDM is a technique for treating Fascia and pain syndromes that are often unresponsive to many other soft tissue techniques. Learn more at


Gavilan Technique
Gavilan Technique incorporates metal tools for scraping and manipulating the fascial planes in gentle sweeping motions often while moving and engaging muscles to tighten or loosen the structures being treated. This is not Graston Technique nor is Dr. Fort currently certified in Graston.


Active Release Technique
Active Release Technique is a soft tissue technique based on range of motion and applied pre-stretch to treat a variety of syndromes and injuries.


How Should I Dress for My Appointment?
Please bring garments that will allow access to the areas to be treated. For example, running shorts for lower extremity issues and tank tops or sports tops for upper body issues.


camofficepicDr. Cameron Fort
Dr. Fort is a Graduate of Life Chiropractic College West and has been practicing in the Bay Area for over eight years. After graduating in 2004 Dr. Fort started treating soft tissue and has been using it daily in his practice ever since. Dr. Fort is not a traditional Chiropractor as he has chosen to spend hundreds of hours in continuing education to become a soft tissue and sports injury specialist. He is most recently certified in Fascial Distortian Method developed by the late Dr. Stephen Typaldos DO., as well as Gavilan Tool Assisted soft tissue work.